NYCU Students Get a Fusion First: Hands-on Learning with Alpha Ring’s Ion Beam System

National Yang-Ming University (NYCU) master’s students recently gained great insights into the world of nuclear fusion energy, thanks to a talk delivered by Dr. Peter Hsieh, Chief Strategy Officer of Alpha Ring.

Dr. Hsieh, a former General Manager of ARM Taiwan with extensive experience in the semiconductor industry, is now dedicated to nuclear fusion research. His presentation, held on March 17 at the university’s Tainan campus, attracted over 100 students from the College of Artificial Intelligence and Green Energy and the College of Photonics.During the talk, Dr. Hsieh explained the principles and advantages of nuclear fusion power generation, highlighting its potential as a safe, clean, and sustainable solution to future global energy demands. However, he also acknowledged the significant technical and cost challenges that must be overcome.

A key part of Dr. Hsieh’s presentation focused on Alpha Ring’s innovative ion beam education system, the only one of its kind in the world, in which its unique system allows students to observe the trajectory and products of nuclear fusion reactions in real-time through several detectors. Previously, students’ exposure to nuclear fusion was primarily limited to theoretical concepts in textbooks. Alpha Ring’s ion beam educational system offers a much more hands-on learning experience, creating a deeper understanding of the underlying principles.

One student from the College of Artificial Intelligence and Green Energy expressed how Dr. Hsieh’s talk challenged their previous understanding of nuclear fusion, highlighting the variety of reaction methods and the absence of radioactive waste production. Another student from the Institute of Intelligent Computing and Technology was particularly fascinated by the opportunity to witness proton movement firsthand through the ion beam system, emphasizing the potential for a more practical learning experience.

Professor Li Wei of the College of Photonics emphasized the importance of nuclear fusion research for the future of energy development. He expressed his enthusiasm for NYCU’s collaboration with Alpha Ring, believing it will greatly help and enhance the university’s research capabilities in this critical field.

Looking ahead, NYCU and Alpha Ring’s partnership has already resulted in the installation of the ion beam system within a campus laboratory. The system is expected to be operational for student use by the start of the next semester in September. This collaboration represents a significant step forward in educating and inspiring the next generation of nuclear fusion experts.