Decentralizing the Sun for Smart Energy on Earth

Harnessing Fusion that Powers Our Sun and Stars to Provide Cleaner, Safer, and Smarter Energy

Albert Einstein's celebrated equation E=mc2 shows that fusing two light nuclei into a heavier nucleus converts mass into energy.

Fusion is:

Efficient because it may generate nearly four million times more energy than burning coal, oil, or gas.

Safe because it produces no radioactive nuclear waste with no risk of nuclear meltdowns.

Abundant because its fuels are simple elements that don't raise proliferation concern.

Fusion is Smart Energy.

How We Are Different

Our Proprietary Innovation
Electron Catalyzed Fusion ECF

for a Game-Changing Future

For the past 60 years, other researchers made little progress in trying to achieve fusion by a very 'brute force' approach: heating plasma to 10x hotter than the Sun's core.

Our breakthrough proprietary technology - Electron Catalyzed Fusiontheoretically achieves fusion at temperatures lower than the Sun by using negatively charged electrons to catalyze fusion. ECF™ theoretically achieves fusion at much lower temperatures and under safer conditions than conventional thermonuclear systems.

Our breakthrough technology Electron Catalyzed Fusion ECF™ enables cleaner, safer, abundant, and smarter energy to power our present and collective future.

Unlocking the potential of fusion power helps realize beneficial projects (such as desalination and terra-forming for our inter planetary future) that are now simply too energy-intensive. 

The Power of Out Sun in Your Hands
An Infinity On a Tabletop

Alpha Ring uses widely available hydrogen and boron (P-B) as fuel to produce aneutronic fusion reaction.

An aneutronic fusion reaction minimizes the dangerous by-product normally associated with nuclear fusion.

Because the key by-product from P-B fusion is Helium, the detection of Helium shoes that fusion has occured.

Independent laboratories NTU (National Taiwan University) and U.S. EAG Laboratories have detected Helium gas output from reactor systems as well as reactor wall material.

Tabletop Smart Modular Fusion Reactor

Our R&D roadmap goal is to enable the Tabletop Smart Modular Fusion Reactor, leveraging upon our growing global intellectual portfolio.

Our patented fusion reactor is tabletop size offering the convenience of a Micro Sun, compact enough to fit into any vehicle, building or home.
Our proprietary modular generators help decentralize power generation because they operate much closer to the consumer who will enjoy freedom from the grid and reduced transmission losses.
We can easily scale up commercialization of our tabletop fusion reactors at affordable prices because they operate at much lower temperatures without any expensive specialized equipment like magnets or radiation shielding.

Scaling up from our tabletop reactors will be much faster than scaling down from much larger, expensive, unwieldy Tokamak designs.