Ion Beam Educational System

For Nuclear Fusion

We supply the right equipment to students so that they can learn and advance in the growing field of nuclear fusion

Nuclear Fusion

Nuclear fusion has seen incredible growth in recent years as it holds the promise to revolutionize the energy sector by providing a clean energy alternative. 

Consequently, new high-paying jobs are emerging with $6 billion in private funding and the $50 million US DOE Milestone-Based Fusion Development Program.

At a recent hearing, U.S. Congress asked how they could ensure more young people are educated in nuclear fusion, showing their commitment to the growing field.

Alpha Ring International is uniquely positioned to supply the right equipment to students so that they can learn and advance in this growing field of vast importance.

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Affordable, compact, and safe to use

The Ion Beam device can be used to study experimentally all relevant fusion reactions, such as Deuterium-Deuterium (DD), Deuterium-Tritium (DT), and proton-Boron (pB).

This amazing device will be instrumental in preparing the next wave of scientists and engineers to join the workforce in the growing field of nuclear fusion.

Versatile applications

Accelerating Deutron Ions for Fusion

Accelerating Deutron Ions for Fusion

Our Ion Beam System accelerates deuterons from a deuterium plasma to tens of keV. These highly energetic ions then bombard a thin aluminum foil target and become lodged into the metal lattice. Subsequent deuterons strike the deuterium in the target to initiate DD fusion. By changing the target to one that contains boron and starting with a hydrogen plasma, pB fusion can also be studied and the fusion product alpha particles can be observed.

Versatility with Boron Targets

Versatility with Boron Targets

Our Ion Beam System offers versatility by allowing the easy interchange of targets. By utilizing a target containing boron, we can observe the alpha particles generated by the p+B11 fusion reaction. This feature expands the range of fusion reactions that can be studied with our device, providing even more opportunities for hands-on exploration.

Efficient Ion

Efficient Ion Source

At the heart of our system lies an ion source that utilizes microwave technology in the Electron Cyclotron Resonance (ECR) condition. This unique setup ensures efficient plasma production and high current density, enabling low accelerating potentials while maintaining a reasonable fusion reaction yield. Furthermore, our system allows controlling the plasma in various ways and thus studying the impact of different parameters on the fusion reaction.

Councidence Detection

Coincidence Detection

Positioning particle detectors at opposite ends of the target chamber allows for performing coincidence detection as a more advanced measurement.

Unveiling the Fusion Reactions

Unveiling the Fusion Reactions

The DD fusion reaction produces two distinct branches, each with its own unique particles and energy outputs. One branch results in the creation of Helium-3 (0.82MeV) and a neutron (2.45MeV), while the other generates a proton (3.02MeV) and a triton (1.01MeV). Students can directly measure all fusion products

Enhanced Detection Capabilities

Enhanced Detection Capabilities

Our system uses advanced detectors, including PN detectors and fast neutron scintillators, to accurately analyze fusion reactions and measure all branches of the fusion reaction. The fast neutron scintillator uses pulse shape discrimination to separate neutron signals from gamma signals as well as obtain timing information.

Safe & Compact

Safety and convenience are paramount considerations in our Ion Beam System.

With x-ray emissions from Bremsstrahlung easily shielded at tens of keV, you can rest assured that the device is safe to use.

Furthermore, the high voltage isolation is completely enclosed for safety and security.

This compact toolbox-sized demonstration device is both portable and user-friendly, perfect for deployment in most university laboratories with limited available space.